January 6, 2023

Parts of a Roof System and Their Purpose

Do you find roofing terms to be somewhat confusing? Fascia. Soffit. Drip edge. Hips. Roof systems come with unique names. You’re probably familiar with roof materials like shingles, metal, and tile. However, there are many other parts of a roof system that serve an essential purpose. Read on to learn about each part of a roof system and its functions.

Image showing different parts of a roof system.

What Are the Main Parts of a Roof System?

The most common parts of a roof system include the following.

  • Decking
  • The ridge
  • Roof gable
  • Hip(s)
  • Soffit
  • Fascia and drip edge


The roof decking refers to the material laid across the roof that separates the joists and trusses from the roofing materials (i.e., waterproofing layers and roofing materials). In simple terms, it’s the foundation of the roof system.

An image of 3 men laying underlayment and asphalt shingles over the roof deck.

It adds strength and structure to the roof and provides a surface for the other roofing materials to be secured. There are a variety of materials that are used for the decking ranging from wood to steel and concrete. Residential roofs generally use plywood or OSB sheathing.

The Ridge

The ridge refers to the part of a roof system at the top or peak of the roof where the adjacent sloping sides join together. Asphalt shingle roofs are often outfitted with specialized shingles and a ridge cap that is designed to add extra protection. Ridge vents are usually installed underneath ridge caps to foster better attic ventilation. Besides functionality, the ridge cap also adds aesthetic value to a roof system.

Roof Gable vs. Hip

A roof gable is present when there are only 2 sloping sides of a roof joined by walls on the other 2 sides of the structure that extend upward to the peak of the ridge. The roof gable is the top portion of the walls that extends to the peak of the ridge. Roof gables are quite common but there are also hip roofs. Hip roofs have sloping sides on all sides. Each side slopes downward toward the walls.

An image of a small home with an arrow pointing towards the roof gable.

Hip roofs have multiple hips. The hip of a roof is the seam area where 2 adjacent sloping sides join together. It’s where you see the “bend” in the roof from one side to another.


Soffit is a material used to cover the underside of roof eaves. Like roof decking, soffit is made up of many different materials depending on the type of roof. Generally, for residential roofs, the soffit is made of aluminum. Besides protecting the attic from the elements and allowing proper ventilation, soffit also adds aesthetic value to a property. Soffit gives roof systems a “finished” appearance.

Fascia and Drip Edge

Fascia is composed of 2 parts. Namely, the fascia board and the fascia cover. The fascia board is the board that acts like a piece of trim along the side of a roof overhang. Fascia board is often covered by gutters except on the gable sides of roofs. For most asphalt shingle residential roofs, the board is made of wood and covered by a thin piece of aluminum sheathing called the fascia cover. Like soffit, fascia has both functional and aesthetic purposes.

The drip edge is common on residential roofs and is composed of metal flashing. It fits underneath the outermost shingles that form the edges of the roof and directs water away from the fascia and other roof components. On the gutter sides of a roof, it’s located at the very top of the fascia board between the gutter and the shingles.

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