January 30, 2023

Re-Roofing Is the First Priority When Planning an Exterior Remodel

When planning an exterior remodel, most of us envision new siding, windows, doors, light fixtures, and landscaping. These are all exciting and important elements of any exterior remodel. However, it’s easy to get starry-eyed thinking about the more obvious characteristics of our home and neglect the importance of a re-roof. Read on to learn why a new roof should be the first priority when planning an exterior remodel.

Why Begin Your Exterior Remodel with Re-Roofing?

Roofs are an important factor when trying to increase your home’s curb appeal. It’s analogous to a clean bathroom. For example, you don’t pay attention to a bathroom when it’s clean or always notice that it’s “clean.” However, you will quickly notice when it’s dirty and not well-maintained.

Similarly, a new and clean roof might not catch your eye when looking at buying a new home. However, if the roof is old, the shingles are peeling, or it has stains, it’s probably the first thing you will see.

More importantly, remodeling your home’s exterior before refreshing an aging roof is like trying to build the walls of a house without first laying a foundation. The following are a few reasons why you should prioritize your home’s roof.

  • Protection
  • Less disruption
  • Reduced cost


Tearing off your old roof creates a lot of waste. In other words, getting the decking ready for the new roof is messy. Although at Big D, we do our best to make sure all shingles and nails are tossed into a roll-off dumpster, some debris can still temporarily fall into landscaping and the lawn. Additionally, re-roofing requires significant foot traffic on the property.

An areial view of a home getting a new gray, asphalt shingle roof installed.

To prevent this, we cover all landscaping and protect the yard from getting any type of damage during the tear-off process.

Less Disruption

When more prep work is needed prior to beginning the re-roof, it adds time to the job and more headaches for you as the property owner. Therefore, it’s best to start the remodel from the top down. Just like you would paint your interior walls before putting down new flooring, you want to install the new roof first. If there are fewer obstacles for a roofer to work around, they’re going to be more efficient.

Reduced Cost

Laying down protection and containments not only adds time to a roofing project but also adds costs. Moreover, should you put off replacing an aging roof, a sudden leak could lead to damage to the new windows, Hardie Board, siding, light fixtures, or doors.

Lastly, a dilapidated roof will diminish the value and curb appeal you gain from your exterior remodel. If the majority of the house is covered in new materials but the roof hasn’t been replaced in 15 years, it’s going to make an old roof stick out like a sore thumb.

Picture of a nice home in need of a re-roof due to staining

In Florida, many homeowners are hesitant to purchase a home with a roof that’s older than 10 years. Some insurance carriers won’t even insure roofs that are more than 8-10 years old.

Big D Is Your Re-Roofing Expert In Ocala, FL, and the Surrounding Area

Working with a reputable local residential and commercial roofing company like Big D gives you the knowledge and expertise you need to make the best decisions for your home or business.

We provide exceptional customer service and follow industry best practices. We use high-quality roofing materials to provide our customers with beautiful shingle, metal, or tile roofs that last.

If your residential or commercial property is located in Ocala, FL, The Villages, FL, or the surrounding area, contact us today to get started on your roofing project!