April 5, 2023

Shingle vs. Metal Roofing for Your Home

Shingle vs. metal roofing, which is best? Customers frequently ask us this question. Because of Florida’s unique climate when compared to the rest of the US, it makes sense that this question comes up often. Truthfully, the answer is more nuanced than one might think. Read on to learn which roofing material is best for your home and why!

Shingle vs. Metal Roofing: How Do I Determine Which Is Best for My Home?

Although there are a number of factors to consider, the following are the most important.

  • Is your home shaded or exposed to full sun?
  • Do you live near the coast?
  • What’s your budget?

Is Your Home Shaded or Exposed to Full Sun?

The first factor to consider when comparing shingle vs. metal roofing is whether or not your home is located in a shaded location or if it experiences full sun exposure throughout the day.

Asphalt Shingle – Ideal for Shaded Locations

If your home is located in a wooded area, asphalt shingle roofs are best when compared to metal roofs. Metal roofs require more maintenance than shingle roofs when they’re installed on homes in locations with dense tree canopies.

A picture of a shingle roof in a shaded area. Comparing shingle vs. metal roofing.

Trees in North Central Florida drop significant amounts of leaf litter and debris throughout the year–wreaking havoc on metal roofs due to staining and dents. Houses with metal roofs in these locations require more cleaning and maintenance when compared to asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingle roofs have anti-microbial properties and provide adequate energy savings when installed on roofs in shaded locations.

Metal Roofing – Ideal for Sunny Locations

Metal roofing is an excellent insulator. Its insulative properties are maximized when it’s installed on homes that are in open locations and exposed to full sun. Since this benefit is reduced when metal roofing is installed on shaded homes, it’s best utilized in homes located in open fields or areas with little tree cover.

Do You Live Near the Coast?

Asphalt shingle roofing isn’t as durable as metal roofing. Not only does metal roofing last longer but it also has greater wind resistance. If your home is near the coast, you may consider a metal roof vs. a shingle one. Shingles can lift when there are hurricane-force winds. However, metal roofing is much more resilient during hurricanes and strong thunderstorms.

Again, if your budget allows, you should consider a metal roof over a shingle one if you’re within 50 miles of the coast.

What’s Your Budget?

Aside from the differences in durability, lifespan, and energy efficiency, when comparing shingle vs metal roofing for your home, metal roofing is relatively more expensive. This is another important factor to consider in addition to your geographic location. Although a metal roof is a larger investment, when installed properly, it will last twice as long as an asphalt shingle roof and provide adequate protection for your property against the harsh Florida elements.

Big D Is Here to Help You Determine Shingle vs. Metal Roofing for Your Home in Ocala, FL

Working with a reputable local residential roofing contractor like Big D gives you the knowledge and expertise to make decisions like choosing shingle vs. metal roofing for your home. We can help you choose the right roof system based on your budget and needs.

At Big D, we provide exceptional customer service and follow industry best practices. We use high-quality roofing materials to provide our customers with beautiful shingle or metal roofs that last.

If your residential property is located in Ocala, FL, The Villages, FL, or the surrounding area, contact us today to get started on your roofing project!