December 1, 2022

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Re-Roofing?

Generally, people aren’t proactive when it comes to maintaining their property. They usually wait until there’s a problem. This results in major inconveniences like business interruption and higher repair costs. Your current roof may not be causing you problems, but if your property’s roof is getting up in age, it might be time for you to upgrade to prevent greater, more costly repairs down the road. Read on to learn the benefits of commercial re-roofing!

What Are the Greatest Benefits of Commercial Re-Roofing?

There are numerous benefits to commercial re-roofing. The biggest include the following.

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Decreased susceptibility to storm damage
  • Increased property value
  • Greater safety

Reduced energy costs

The first major benefit of commercial re-roofing includes reduced energy costs. It’s no surprise that an older roof isn’t as energy-efficient as a new one. This is especially true if you’re replacing an asphalt shingle roof with a new standing seam metal one. Metal roofs are not only great insulators and effective at reflecting sunlight but they’re also more durable than shingle roofs. Re-roofing your commercial property with a new metal roof will reduce your cooling costs during Florida’s stifling summer months.

Decreased Susceptibility to Storm Damage

How long could your business sustain being out of operation due to a costly roof repair? Living in Central Florida, we’re all accustomed to frequent storms. Not only do we experience daily afternoon thunderstorms throughout the summer but we also see hurricanes almost annually. Commercial re-roofing will decrease your business’ susceptibility to these storms–protecting your assets and reducing the risk of business interruption following inclement weather.

Increased Property Value

Not only does a new roof protect your investment and increase your property’s curb appeal but it also increases your building’s value. Whether you plan on owning your business for several more years or selling it in the next 3-5 years, a new commercial re-roof will set you up for future success. The roof is one of the most scrutinized areas of a building by potential buyers. This is especially true here in Central Florida. Potential buyers don’t want to invest in a replacement roof shortly after purchasing a property.

An image of a roofer installing a TPO roof on a commercial building. An example of commercial re-roofing.

Greater Safety

Roofs are one of the most important components of any “shelter.” We’re so far removed from primitive living that we rarely think of our properties as shelters but that’s exactly what they are. Sturdy roofs protect us from the Florida elements. Namely, wind, rain, falling trees, and blowing debris. As a business owner, you want to ensure your greatest asset is protected–your employees. Weak or dilapidated roofs are inadequate to provide protection.

Reach Out to Big D for Commercial Re-Roofing in Ocala, FL, and the Surrounding Area

Working with a reputable local commercial roofing company like Big D gives you the knowledge and expertise you need to make the best decisions for your business. We provide exceptional customer service and follow industry best practices. We use high-quality roofing materials to provide our customers with beautiful roofs that last. We’re also available to our customers for questions and concerns long after their roofing project is complete.

Big D provides commercial re-roofing services for a variety of industries including schools, hospitals, churches, offices, apartment complexes, government buildings, and more. Check out a few of our past projects in our Portfolio.

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