February 7, 2024

Protecting Your Building: What to Expect with Commercial Re-Roofing

Is your building’s roof showing signs of wear or getting old? It may be time for a commercial re-roofing. We know as business owners ourselves that you don’t want anything to disrupt your business operations. To help you understand what re-roofing entails, we’ve created a guide to help you know exactly what goes into a commercial roof replacement. 

What Is the Life Expectancy of a Commercial Roof?

The lifespan of a commercial roof will vary depending on the material and environment. For example, all roofs here in Florida tend to have a shorter life expectancy due to the extreme heat and weather conditions. A good rule of thumb is if your business’s roof is reaching around 25 years of age or is actively showing signs of wear, it’s time to consider re-roofing. 

The Process of a Commercial Re-Roof

There are several steps that go into commercial re-roofing. As the business’s decision maker, you may be more involved in the initial steps, but once we have a plan in place, you can relax and let our commercial roofers do the rest!

Choose Your Commercial Roofing Contractor 

Going with the right contractor is the first and arguably most important step of the process. The right contractor will ensure a smooth process and give you peace of mind that you’re in good hands. You’ll want a team that has experience with commercial roofing, is well-known for their quality workmanship, is fully licensed and insured, and has an efficient bidding process. To learn more about what to look for in a commercial roofing contractor, read our guide on the topic here!

Decide What Roofing Material Is Right for You

The next step you’ll want to be involved in is choosing the right roofing material for your building. Deciding on a roofing material is based on a number of factors, including:

  • Price
  • Longevity 
  • Building Structure 
  • Business Location
  • Roof Shape
  • Drainage

And whatever other requirements your business wants or needs out of your roof’s material. We go into more detail about what factors you need to consider when choosing a roofing material, so you can feel informed walking through this decision!

Make a Re-Roofing Game Plan

Once you’ve chosen a contractor and chosen your material, it’s time to make a game plan for your re-roofing. During this time, you’ll communicate your timeline and budget. This will allow your commercial roofers to formulate a schedule that meets your needs and avoids any conflicts with your business operations. 

It’s important to keep in mind that the timeline can be affected by weather conditions or any structural issues that are uncovered. A good contractor, like the team at Big D Roofing, will make sure to communicate these issues as they occur so you’re never in the dark about your re-roofing.

Remove Old Roofing Material

Now that you have everything in place, it’s time to start re-roofing! The contractor will take over from here, and the team will remove the old roofing material on your building. Sometimes, if it works with your new roof, old material in good condition can be reused for the new roof—saving you some money. 

This is the most common phase when structural issues are found. The old roofing material may be hiding roof damage beneath. This is often not seen without a professional roofing inspection. The good news is any issues that are found can be easily repaired during the re-roofing process; however, it may increase your budget and timeline. Talk to your contractor about any concerns you have during this step!

Install New Roof

With the old material removed, your new roof is ready to be installed. This step will include putting down the new material and sealing any cracks or spaces so that your business remains dry and comfortable.

Will Re-Roofing Disrupt My Business?

The biggest concern you may have is how re-roofing will affect your business. Here at Big D Roofing, we do everything in our power to ensure minimal impact on your business operations. Some things are unavoidable—such as some noise and needing to discuss updates with you—but you won’t have to worry about closing your business for re-roofing, experiencing leaks during the process, or seeing trash as we clean up each day. In the end, a re-roofing will be a lot more beneficial for your business than any temporary adjustments that you may have to make during your re-roofing. 

Big D Roofing Gets to Business with Commercial Re-Roofing

Our team has had experience with a variety of commercial re-roofing projects. Whether your building is one story or twenty, we provide professional roofing services. Our commercial services include industries such as: 

  • Healthcare
  • Industrial 
  • Education
  • Government 
  • Corporate
  • Religion
  • Multi-Family Housing

We’re fully licensed and insured and offer several roofing materials for you to choose from. There’s no need to deal with an aging, damaged roof—better your business today with a quality roof.