September 29, 2023

The Latest Trends in Residential Roofing Design

Roofs are a big part of a home’s design. Whether it’s their color, shape, or material, roofs are a unique canvas to help you have your home’s design come together. In recent years, we’ve seen a few changes in residential roofing design trends as people move away from more traditional roofs and become increasingly creative in their roof designs. We’ll go over some of the most popular roof trends of today and how they could benefit your home. 

Metal Roofs on the Rise

Throughout the past several years, metal roofing has become more and more popular for residential homes. While traditionally, metal roofs were often found in more commercial settings, residential homes have become increasingly aware of the benefits of metal roofs—particularly in Florida. Metal roofs are more durable against hurricane winds, keep your home insulated and cool, and have a longer lifespan than asphalt shingles. With a variety of color options and designs, metal roofs will only become more widespread as time goes on. 

Trends in Roof Colors 

We have seen a rise in color variations in roofing design. In the past, the choice of color was often a neutral color to match the home. However, we’ve noticed that people are beginning to not only use a more contrasting roof color to their homes but also have multiple shades or variations of colors in their shingles. This push away from uniformity allows for more creative designs and color choices for residential homes. 

Helping the Environment with Green Roofs

A more unique trend that is beginning to gain traction is green roofs. And despite the name, it is not what you think. People are not installing green-colored roofs on their homes. Rather, green roofs are a type of roof where plants, flowers, and other vegetation are planted on the roof. Not only does this help the environment and local pollinators, but green roofs can improve a home’s air quality and provide additional insulation by absorbing the sun’s rays!

Increasing Energy Efficiency through Solar Panels

In the same vein of protecting the environment, solar panels are becoming increasingly popular for roof installations. Adding solar panels is a simple way to decrease your home’s carbon footprint and benefit from renewable energy. While traditional panels are ever-rising for residential homes, advancements in technology have even provided the option for the shingles themselves to be solar panels rather than installing them on top of your asphalt roof. 

Non-Traditional Flat Roofs

When people think of roofs, they think of a triangular structure that peaks at the top of a home. However, as of late, there’s been a push against this traditional roof shape. Flat roofs are beginning to emerge in roofing trends. While not completely flat to allow for drainage, these types of roofs tops are ideal for skylights, homes with modern designs, and even can be used in combination with solar panels or green roofs. For people looking for a chic, clean roof design, flat roofs can provide a cost-effective alternative to conventional roofs. 

Install Your Dream Roof with Big D Roofing

Whether you’re looking for a traditional roof or want to keep up with roofing design trends, Big D Roofing is here to help get you the roof of your dreams. We’ll take into account your ideal design, durability concerns, and energy efficiency to ensure you get not only a roof that looks great but can withstand Florida’s weather and heat. Get started today with our residential roof installation!